Saturday, February 19, 2011

The blog that languished .......

Small things are so often underestimated.  Take my garden for example. On a tiny scrap of postage stamp sized section I have managed - mainly by neglect - and only by sheer virtue of putting things in -to have  produced so many beans, courgettes, onions and lettuces that I am sick of the sight of them. My neighbours and friends have smiled weakly and muttered a gracious thaaaanks as I deliver more bags of beans and courgettes. MY PLEASURE!!  I would never have thought that it was possible. I am reminded that you always need a lot less than you think and that applies not just to plots of land.  That's my garlic crop - grown from the bulbs Miriam gave me last winter. I think that will keep me going for a month or two at least.

It really feels like the end of the summer that never quite was. I got the first lot of wood in last week for the autumn and in a week or so am off to a colleagues farm where she has Manuka to get rid of.  Mind you that will be next years wood because it has to be chopped down and dragged out a gully first. Picture me wielding a chainsaw with gusto! No - I have managed to rope in some manual labour with the promise of some beer and a home cooked dinner as an exchange. Pretty much a win- win I'd say.( for me anyway)
Between working , and being out of town a lot and also juggling some house sitting my blogging has been languishing.  Also for practically the first time ever my plans this year are to have no plans. I'm trying to do less so I can do more. As a person prone to extremes I am teetering on the brink of complete inertia and kind of liking it.  Next weeknd I'm off to Papatowai to walk 15km in beautiful surroundings. That should get me going. Im taking my camera so you will see some lovely shots of the Catlins no doubt next time. The photo above is from the bedroom of the house where I was house/cat sitting. I awoke to a most glorious view of the sunrise in the mornings overlooking the city. Magic indeed!!!

Heres to a week of no plans.

cheers Marg