Sunday, September 19, 2010

One of the Wombles goes to America .....

Look who is going to America. Why it's one of the Wombles?  Can you remember who this one is?  Is it Orinoko? I'm not sure myself - all I know he is very cute and he is one of the treasures I was sent home with on my last day of work.  Originally he and 2 others were lovingly knitted for the Children's ward but got rejected because knitted toys cant be kept germ free so the poor husband of the wife who knitted them brought them into us. He did not dare appear back home with those treasures so soundly refused.  Anyway the idea was our children at work would play with and adore these creatures but somehow they never got out of my office. So after all these years of imprisonment this one gets to exploring. He is taking a healthy food guide with him. ( as a good NZ ambassador should). I hope Rosie can find something delicious to make and eat in there.

Hey what's this he's sneaking along with him? A bag of pineapple lumps! I must have had my back turned when that happened. Oh well just this once I will allow it.

Have fun in America little womble. 

As for me - Im off to Te Anau for a week. What fun. 

Cheers Marg

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A brisk walk does wonders ......

Here we are quite the happy couple. That's me on the second last day of work with the new manager Nikki beside me. ( sorry Nikki if you didn't want to appear in a public place- but like I said - your private life is over- especially if you want to do something you shouldn't in Dunedin.  From now on you will always see someone you know) . I am wearing my practice clothes for being a civil servant. Black is the theme but in truth I can't do that well. So I have my second hand coat ( $20) my second hand boots($10) my second hand and most favourite second hand  turquoise jersey ($1) with my own not second hand navy blue tights - and the underwear is also newish. - no not new at all.  So I thought tomorrow when I turn up at the  new work place - I will give this outfit a whirl and see if it passes muster.  If not - I'm not that bothered.

Actaully the staff put together a CD of about 150 photos of the farewell and last weeks moments. That's the only showable photo. I look a bit too wrecked in the others.  I decided this weekend that since I'd had such an emotional workout over the week I would bring all things into balance by having a physical work out as well.
So today saw me entering and completing the half marathon from town to Port Chalmers.

It was a brisk 21 km walk.  The number below shows you not my placing but almost certainly the as usual lateness of my entry into the race.

I can still walk so that's a good sign. The day was lovely , the company cheerful and the sense of satisfaction enormous. It kind of felt like a good way to end a hard week and a perfect way to start a new one.   I might even do it again next year - just because I can!!

So here's to a week of doing whatever you please just because you can.

Cheers  Marg

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Onwards and Upwards .. moving right along please .....

Last week the form to terminate me from payroll was prepared,  I can no longer authorise payments, sign cheques or handle any financial transactions,  My email address has  been signed over to the new manager . On Friday she sat in my chair for the day while I faded into the background. Several visitors arrived unanounced and it was my job to introduce them to the person who has become me.  Today I polished my travelling spoons with some rarely used silvo  and wrote my farewell notes.   I felt very sad and of course have had many moments of questioning my decision and only time will /can answer that.  I was also determined not spend anymore time writing or thinking about leaving my great job of 10 years so this is literally the last word on it. 

To cheer myself up , this afternoon I took myself off for a walk - signs of spring everywhere and also ominous clouds which have now resulted in gale force winds . The house is shaking - but safely.  A real contrast from Saturday morning when I woke up feeling the Christchurch earthquake.  It  was scary feeling that here. I can only imagine how scary it must have been for the people in Christchurch.  What must be hard will be  for a few days the earthquake will be front page news but in a week or so we will have forgotten it , but Christchurch has many long hard months of recovery ahead.  

Feels like this should be a week where everyone takes good care of each other or at least of themselves.  

Cheers Marg