Saturday, March 26, 2011

A good enough life.......

So what makes life good enough... I've been thinking about this and this week have had plenty of opportunities to think about what that means in practice...

 Take these two photos. The first is sunflowers which on their own have not come to much but nevertheless make a passable photo and the second is this bowl of tomatoes - clearly never ever going to ripen in any Dunedin summer outdoors - let alone this dismal one just gone. But they've become green tomato pickle and therefore proved their value.  So whats a good enough life? well  for me it is making the most of everything even when everything is imperfect. 

 One thing I really like about my job - is that even though it is busy and I'm often away these days is that when I am at home I have more energy to be creative because I have more room inside my head.  So with the April birthdays approaching and Easter coming up I am in full swing of making things. I can hear Rosie and Tom groaning  already!!

SO here's to a good enough week. 

Cheers Marg

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chilling out in Papatowai

This week I have been in Wellington where over night there was a small earthquake - a jolt and shudder that woke me up on the fifth floor of the hotel I was staying in.  Nothing at all compared to the what happened in Christchurch but even I who have not been directly affected felt wary and a degree of edginess I wouldn't usually feel.   I cannot imagine what these days and weeks must feel like for those in Canterbury. The organisation I work for was in the PG building that collapsed. One of our colleagues was the only person who was rescued alive 25 hours after the building went down. No one is unaffected.

Last weekend we went to Papatowai. Me to walk the 15.5 km walk and the other two to do a spot of bike riding. Look at the glorious views. It was so lovely !!!. The crib was a treat too. Very cheap at $25 per adult per night and I couldn't help but take these photos. It was such a cosy restful place to be ... if only we didn't have to come back for work......sigh !!! 

SO last week was in Wellington and this one coming up in Central Otago. NO rest for the wicked goes the old saying. OH well that's why Im trying to idle in my personal life. Why not book yourself a weekend at Papatowai soon? you wont be sorry if you do.

Cheers Marg