Monday, December 20, 2010

up, up and away in my beautiful balloon.

Last week it was Chloe's last day.  She went home to Carterton and wont be back till February when her course starts. Between us we made a special dinner - got out the good china, a tablecloth  and had a mini celebration. So many things to be pleased about!!  

  • Chloe got into her early childhood course, 
  • Tom successfully completed the semester at Polytech and as soon as we're back from holiday moves into his flat. 
  • And me- well I got through a year of the surprises, challenges and changes all in one piece and surprisingly in good spirits.

Chloe has become quite the baker since she has been here. Ta da - look at the Christmas cake. What a beauty. It's the Allison Holst no fail  Christmas cake.

  When Chloe arrived here I assured her that she was coming to a house where she would have to fend for herself and where she could be certain to be neglected. There would be few domestic pleasures such as a cleaning, washing or cooking service coming her way and as you can see the strategy has worked.  Baking has become a hobby, she can now successfully work the washing machine and I'm pleased to say prepare a meal that is more than tuna on toast.  I am confident that Tom has been similarly prepared and so will excel in flatting life.

Tomorrow we fly to the states to see Rosie and hopefully Doug if he can get out of the UK. Destination L.A - itinerary beyond that is anyone's guess but we are hoping to get to San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park among other places.  I am not packed but have our tickets , some US dollars, and our passports ready. 

The neighbor will feed the cat and the oven has had it's once in a lifetime clean.  I cleaned the oven to take my mind off the thought of flying. I think that's why Im procrastinating on the packing.

So here's to hellos and goodbyes and irrational fears!! Have a great Christmas.


Friday, December 3, 2010

For you Rosie ........

It's hot today.  We're not used to this so much in Dunedin but it's true. This is the first quiet weekend I've had for ages and I'm lolling about inside the house - all manner of activity clamours for my attention but as a colleague said to me recently " I'm concentrating on being a human being not a human doing."  So it's shaping up to be a delightfully idle day. These photos are for you Rosie.  Even though we're going to see you in a couple of weeks it will be a long time till you come home so here's some shots of the garden in all it's unkempt glory.  The first photo is the only one I managed to take while I was away in Tekapo the other weekend.

 We've had the nativity set out for a few weeks already. 

So in the true spirit of doing not much I'll leave it here before I turn it into work. 

Have a lazy week everyone if you possibly can. 

Cheers Marg