Monday, April 26, 2010

Autumn comes to town ....

I've been really enjoying the changing of the seasons both here in the town and also the virtual tours provided by other bloggers.  Miriams detailed accounts of her changing garden and Donalds photos add a dimension to autumn that is quite unlike what you see here. One of the things I love about my walk to walk are the many sights I see along the way. These shots are all taken on High Street. What I love is the way people garden around here even with the smallest amounts of land available.  Take a look at these 

Giant sunflowers..... ( that's a second floor balcony in the background)

last of the tomatoes ...

This tree stands alone totally hemmed in by pavers and a metal grille. Kind of like a lone monkey at the zoo but it is so lovely - the leaves I noticed are much thinner today and browner and by the end of the month they'll be all gone. Then it will feel like winter.  My reputation as a wierdo is firmly cemented as I try to sneak my photos as all the morning traffic hurries past. Luckily Dunedin is such a HUGE city that you can be totally anonymous. 
Still at home I can click away to my hearts content. This last weekend as well as going to see the Wellington International Ukele Orchestra - which I would 100% recommend to anyone to go and see if they come your way - I sewed a sumo cushion for Rosies flatmate. It's her birthday and a request was made for me to make one. This guy is rather fun. A long time ago I made one for my sister MaryAnna . That was when she was a single girl and I made him as a hot water bottle cover for her.  
...and of course I packed up a parcel. ... You know I'm thinking of changing careers. I'm sure I could start a business specializing in food parcels to students.  Wealthy mothers could pay me to box up parcels of food and annoying second hand shop junk and write personal notes to their offspring.  Rosie assures me that parcel day is eagerly looked forward to.   On a serious note I am thinking of changing careers.

Have a great week. Cheers Marg

Monday, April 19, 2010

When time stands still....

Hi there - I thought this week I'd start with some ideas for those of you intending to send food parcels now or some time in the next 20 years. Healthy fruit snacks and herbal tea go down well when assignments are due and every living person should have a packaged hamburger to go in their civil defence emergency rations kit.  You know for when the big earthquake strikes as it is due to do any year now. 

This last week just gone I accepted an invitation at short notice to go for a 4 day walk at Cape Campbell.  2 days walk across farmland to the lighthouse and 2 days back again - about 54 ks in all.    I'm so glad I said yes to this trip. At first I thought I was way too busy and then my breathing reminded me that there is only this moment to live so off I went.  The scenery was stunning, the wind was like nothing else and somehow it felt good to be so drawn into the elements.  So there we were - good friends, going for a good walk -  we ate good food and between us we were a secondary , primary and early childhood teacher. So there was plenty of heated and hearty debate -  Along the way there were these quirky huts to stop at and make a cup of tea and rest a while - That little hut on the right really was on that lean - the wind was so terribly strong along the coast it was a wonder we weren't completely blown away!! And somehow the four days seemed like 4 months.  It did feel like time had stopped for a bit.  I'm not sure why that  happens but I think it's got something to do with being totally in the moment and having no other priorities beyond walking and talking at that time.  Whatever the reason - it was a great trip to say yes to. 
Here's to a week of saying yes to good things. Cheers Marg


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mirth and Mockery...

Now tell me please what does a person have to do these days to be taken seriously.  Anyone who reads this blog will know now that for several weeks I have been extolling the virtues of deep breathing as taught by Saga from Christchurch. What do I get for my trouble? Nothing but Mockery and mirthful laughter at my expense. Take a look at these cards produced for my birthday by Rosie and Miriam.

 Actually I found these cards very funny and Im happy to be a source of such ongoing amusement.   It's been a really nice Easter. A mixture of being at home - watching series one of Jonathon Creek ( another Weirs purchase) and another climb to the top of Mount Cargill. We went up to see Miri and Bill and the boys in the Maniototo and tonight I'm putting together a parcel to go back to Wellington.   Muesli, gluten free chocolate chip biscuits ( yet to be made) some homemade peanut butter ( which has already claimed the lives of 3 mice - figure that one out!) and these lovely collector teaspoons.( another Weirs score) I don't know if you can see but there is one from Port Chalmers and another  from Kingston - where we often used to take the kids on holiday when they were little. So both places have some old associations and hopefully fond memories. 
 A final word about breathing before I go. Focusing just a little for a few moments a day on my breathing before I go to work ,does I swear make a difference to my head space. I am noticing more consciously where my thoughts are - or more to the point where they are supposed to be as I get on with the day.   Anyway enough of that. Here's to week of not taking yourself too seriously !!   Marg