Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knock, knock.....

Knock knock
who's there?
Walter Who?
Walt to wall carpet!!!

Remember those silly knock knock jokes?
You know the ones you used to find hilarious and maybe still do a tiny bit? 

Well I thought I'd put this one up today as an entre to the guided tour of my house which is now complete with wall to wall carpet.  Murray the carpet layer who is saving for his daughters wedding was more than happy to do this cash job over the long weekend. He was fast , efficient and friendly. What 's more he took all the old carpet off to the dump for me and for that I'm most grateful. 

So have a look and see what he did 

So hows that for the ultimate in recycling?  A whole house of carpet that came from a bank and was off to the tip had it not been for my friend who sent it my way. 

So to go the full circle I also took a load of rubbish to to the dump today and the dump shop came up trumps yet again. Look at my finds all for the outrageous price of $3.

 So to leave you with a wise saying ... waste not want not.

Here's to week of excellent bargains.

cheers Marg

Saturday, October 16, 2010

5 weeks already!!

In my fifth week already of my new work I spent the week in Alexandra. Sometime over this week I turned the corner mentally. That is to say I suddenly no longer felt like I was kind of having a holiday from my old job but actually working doing what you do in a job - that is work. And work we did. We had 2 assignments to carry out by Thursday evening. So evenings were spent working as well.  (There are some strange aspects to my new work. One which I find the most difficult to balance is how we have to simultaneously suspend and make judgments. That part is really tricky along with the nagging question when we leave of "Have we got it right?")
However one lovely night I decided to walk up to the Alexandra clock. Can you see it up there on the hill? It's not very far to walk there but from a distance it looks like a long way.

Before you know there you are up on the hill. I really enjoyed this walk and especailly loved getting right up to the clock face. There every teenage couple that ever lived in Alexandra  and maybe a few older ones as well have scratched their initials and other declarations of love on the face of the clock. I kind of like the sentiment expressed but also the views which were well worth the effort.

Next week I'm away to Wanaka. Its been a very long time since I spent anytime there so maybe there will be time for some more good walks.

Have a good week wherever you are. 


Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Friday Again......

I can't believe both how fast and slowly a week disappears. Here it is Friday again and I'm just getting around to thinking about what I did last weekend before I turn my mind to this.  Last weekend I went with a few friends to stay at Kakanui - that lovely seaside community not far from Oamaru. There's not a lot to do there except relax, walk the beach and generally solve all of life's problems as you do when you have a glass of wine or two with friends.

 we stayed in this cute little crib.  Really cheap at only $45 per night.

I was inspired by Mary Nanas post where she wrote about 10 things that her readers might not know about her. Given that my readership is mainly my family I have been trying to think of 10 things that they may not know about me - Lets see

1. Among other things my favourite foods are currently avocados, olives and feta cheese.
2. While I am happy to drink red wine my first preference is for white.
3.  I really really don't like country music.  Currently I am enjoying a wide range of many genres - especially jazz.
4. Every year I declare I will take a week off work when the film festival comes to town. So far I have not succeeded in that ambition.
5. I nearly always overestimate how much I can fit into one day and my capacity to succeed at tasks I set myself.
6. I never ever cry in movies (but can weep to music or poetry).  This has often given me a reputation of being hard -hearted.
7. I am very good at knowing the meaning of dreams.
8. If I wasn't doing what I am doing now I would like to design beautiful shoes for awkward and ugly feet. 
9. I do not like flying.
10.  I am speed reader.

That's all for now. Have a great week.