Thursday, September 15, 2011

Object of Ugliness

You can't really tell but the cardigan in the book promises a lovely garment to however takes up the challenge of knitting it. This is not the case. This cardigan is both a testament to not knowing when to quit ( the story of my life I think) and ugliness. It is really hideous. It's like a horrible school cardigan. I've been knitting it for about 3 years. When dad was in Ross Home for those 12 weeks I knitted the front about 3 times and it is still full of unsightly mistakes.

So why carry on with this thing.? Well one reason is because I dont like to leave projects unfinished but also it has been quite literally keeping me sane when I've been travelling to some of the most obscure and at times unlovely places in the South Island. After the night meetings are done and all I have for company in the motel room is sky T.V and me , this knitting porject has become my friend. Now that it's nearly finished I am almost becoming fond of it. I may even decide that it looks beautiful on me after all.

I have been in my new job for exactly one year this week. I have also had a whole week based at home. This is very unusual  and Ive enjoyed cooking in my kitchen and sleeping in my own bed. Next week Im off to a lovely part of Otago. 3 days working in Wanaka. Now that will be a lovely spring treat.

Happy spring.

Cheers Marg