Sunday, June 20, 2010

Winter thoughts......

Winter arrives and in light deprived Dunedin motivation for all sorts of things go out the door. Its that time of year when all you want to do in the evening and on cold days is to hunker down in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of coffee. I did muster energy to tidy up the garden a couple of weeks ago. It's shabby and bare at this time of year. The broccoli can't really be bothered sprouting. If you look closely you'll see runty heads in the background there. Even the silver beet is showing a poor display of energy. Oh well the garden gave itself it's all in the summer so I guess it deserves a rest. 

Yesterday was the annual second hand fabric sale. MaryAnna you would have been in your element. Perhaps though that while the fabric was cheap it was not as cheap as you are able to find when you are out and about. The first church hall was filled with a frenzy of madwomen all pushing and shoving for their bargains. Of course that was not me. I only went with the thought of getting fabric for the one garment I intend to sew soon. That fabric is going to be a most imperfectly made jacket. I will love it and wear it often. I will probably spend a lot of time incubating the idea of making the jacket and then suddenly one weekend it will come together. 

After nearly 10 years I have a new job. This morning I Went to work and contemplated my mess. 
This is how I work.
This is how I have become accustomed to working. At a very messy desk with 100 uncompleted tasks all on the go at once. the phone goes, people's complicated lives consume much of my energy. So I'm off to be a public servant. Someone  will be in charge of my complicated life. I'm looking forward to it. But I am also very sad to leave this place. It's been amazing. I said in jest to someone that leaving will be harder than getting divorced. But actually I almost think that is true. Still there is a right time for everything and I know this is the right time for me so I just go with the process and see what happens next. How exciting!!!

Here's to a cosy winter and new starts. Cheers Marg 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Out they go..........

I guess that it is inevitable that as times move on so does the way that we do things.  If you want something second hand  these days you can look on trade me and find what you want but looking on trade me isn't the same as browsing in a junk shop and ending up with something that you didn't even know you needed!!!

The clothing alteration shop on the left was until recently a second hand shop and now this one above in the Queens gardens is closing down. Luckily my favorite one - Weirs is still going strong.  I'm not opposed to buying new things but it seems unnecessary to me to have everything new when there is plenty of good previously owned things to be had.

Yesterday I was my fathers daughter. I took a load of garden rubbish to the tip and came back with this lot.

6 little china cups that I really don't need but think are very cute, a pot lid to replace one that has broken , some picture books to cut up for card making  and these totally amazing cocktail forks. they will be so handy. I am going to cook a special dinner which requires us to eat only with these little forks. I'm excited about that already.
This weekend we are off to Wellington to move Rosie out of her flat. The last parcel has gone and in 2 weeks she will be here for a month before she heads off for her next adventure.

Here's to a week of changing times.