Friday, July 23, 2010

Groundhogs day........

Do you remember that movie groundhogs day?  I haven't seen it for a long time but it has always been one of my favourites. 

This week  has definitely had that feeling of groundhogs day. It's been the longest dreariest week ever with so much to do at work I could hardly think or breathe.  But here we are it's Friday-  the weekend beckons and I remember the amazing things that have happened lately. 

Look at this. Not much to the undiscerning eye. But let me tell you - this is my new carpet.  Only about 2 or 3 weeks ago I began to notice how threadbare and old my carpet was. Well too bad I thought to myself - it will have to wait. I seriously can't afford new carpet so it will go right down to the bottom of the priority list.  No sooner had I thought that than one of my friends called into work with a carpet sample. All the carpet was coming out of a bank - top quality - commercial grade wool - would I care to have it - NO cost!!!  Hmm let me think about that . Why that would be a yes you are hearing. 

Another friend just happened to know a carpet layer who happily came and last Saturday laid the carpet in the hallway and living rooms. There is also enough in my basement to do the bedrooms as soon as I save for the carpet layer to come back.  Im so grateful for my new carpet. It looks so great. 

In the same way I had been finding my old camera  frustrating. I'm not a great photographer but in anticipation of my new job I'd been vaguely  thinking it would  be great to have a better camera.  And what do you know. An opportunity has arisen for me to upgrade. The new camera is just what I need. Perfect for me. Here's a shot which looks forward to spring that I took on the way to work this morning.

SO even when it's a groundhogs day all week good things can and do happen. 

Here's to unexpected good things. Marg 

Monday, July 12, 2010

teenage-man boy and mini- fork night

This last week it has been Tom's birthday. The last year of his teenage years gets underway and has left me thoughtful  about this time of both children leaving their childhoods firmly behind and assuming greater adult roles but at the same time there remains in all of us ( and at times especially me according to the kids) that desire to be and  want to act as a child...

...  So it was much hilarity that Rosie and I searched for silly pictures to adorn the wrapping on Tom's very sensible  grown- up gifts.  Duvet cover set, socks and undies and a lava lamp. How adult  are those presents?   He even expressed a genuine liking for them all - so polite. Well that's what you get I say when you don't offer any sensible suggestions of your own. Still birthdays have other redeeming features like going out for breakfast with your family and then because you are 19 and full of  sufficient self- belief you throw yourself another great party which  your friends later say was the best night out they had for a while. ( something your mother cannot even contemplate doing even in her wildest imaginings)
                           As I make this post I am having trouble matching up the photos and words so you will have to look down to see where the photos fit.  You may remember several weeks ago my wonderful find of a set of cocktail forks from the recycling shop at the tip for just $1? To make good on that find we decided we'd have a mini- fork party night on  Sunday. 

Here is what you do to throw an excellent most outrageously fun mini- fork party. 
1. Get yourself a set of mini- forks. 
2. Plan a mini - menu. ( cheerios, roast veges cut into tiny chinks, tiny salad tomatoes, and chunks of tiny cheese.)  Desert - a mini fondue - mini marshmallows and chunks of fruit in chocolate fondue made in  mini -fondue maker
3. Set the table with best cloth, nice candles you best mini china.
4. Eat only with mini forks.
5. Tell mini jokes between courses ( short jokes - one liners or knock- knock jokes)
6. Play one party game ( pin the tail on the donkey)
7. Play mini table soccer.
8. Clean up only a mini bit and leave the rest till another day.
Then when you're fully done your grown up part tells you to remember that moment, that time, that day because as the young adults go more than they come those times are fewer and further  between. All the more reason for your childish self to shamelessly cheat at pin the tail on the donkey, and to be the sorest loser at mini soccer. 

Here's to a week of moments to treasure.

Cheers Marg

Friday, July 2, 2010

The bag of many uses.....

In anticipation of all the spare time I will have when I start my new job I am dusting off my hobbies. ( you know those things that are supposed to make you an interesting multidimensional person)  Last weeks effort was to try a prototype of a bag made from fabric scraps lying around the house.  I was pleased with how it turned out. The bag is for Rosie to take to the States.  Well actually not this one - she thinks it is too loud and won't go with anything she wears - but I disagree I think it suits me quite well.

or do you think it suits Rosie better? How bout this view? The bag of many uses indeed.

I think that's enough of being silly.  I am about to become a public servant - there is a code of conduct to adhere to,  serious matters to attend to. I am surprised at how sad I am feeling about leaving work. It has taken me by surprise.

here's to a silly week