Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Packing tips .......

  Are you off for a summer holiday? Well if yes, here are some tips from the travelbaglady.   Its been a travelling year. I've had 67 nights out of town not counting holidays.  I'm really good  now at packing in 5 minutes on a monday morning before I take to the road.  "Really good" requires a little qualification. I usually take just enough to wear for the days I am away with one change of old clothes for after work downtime. I now have a travelling toilet bag all good to go and a cooler bag with essential food items- a little oil, container of homemade meusli,  jar of chutney. container of crackers, box of meusli bars, box of UHT milk, box of plastic ziplock bags and box of mini glad wrap, also small container of washing powder in case emergency washing needs doing if I havent packed enough to wear after all.  I always pack on a Monday. I cant bear being pushed into monday on a sunday night. It ruins the weekend.  So if you adopt the same approach to going on holiday beleive me it can be done simply and easily. Less is more and you can always buy it or make do if you cant.  

Aside from travelling for work I have had a holiday in totaranui and and a mini break in Auckland.   These pictures below are from both those places. Both seem like distant memories but ones I will hang onto. These holidays are to be spent in Dunedin, packing up my house and hopefully finding someone to buy it.  I have had the last 2 days off work throwing much of my past into a skip which has proved to be too small. I didnt know my life had so much in it. It's been a tiring, nostalgic and kind of sad couple of days.  Anyway Christmas soon and a day of good cheer.

Heres to a restful pre christmas week.
Cheers Marg