Saturday, August 28, 2010

A parcel a week goes international...

Last week I kept thinking I would write a blog-post about our trip to Auckland but some how there just weren't the right words to capture all the fun of the birthday weekend and spending time with family.  I never had a lot of children myself but am very grateful to our parents for giving me so many siblings. 

So this week you get to see a parcel a week going international. Yep this little lot is going off to the USA. Apparently marmite is unknown there as are pineapple lumps and New Zealand themed greeting cards. The whole package has to weigh under 1 kilo or else the postage will be terrible. So sadly I have had to limit the junk I'm sending off. However I couldn't resist these two Snoopy's - from weirs ( where else) . One in american and the other in mexican costume. She will need these to brighten up her room I'm sure and to keep connected to her familial wierdness genes .

Walking to work this week has been amazing. The blossom is out and if you look at the ground you could be fooled for a minute into thinking it's been snowing - but really it's just all the blossom on the ground.

These window boxes are very inspiring also. These are on the main street and someone who works inside has gardening style. Don't you love the silver beet and daffodils growing together?  I do. Makes me happy every time I walk past.

Here's to a happy first week of spring. 

cheers Marg

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The travelling spoons

Look closely - what can you see there? 
Yes, a bunch of flowers I am still enjoying, but no, take a closer look - peek into that cup. It's full of  travel spoons - those strange little enameled implements that people used to pay a fortune for to prove they had been wherever they had been. Then they would take them  home and who knows how they were used?
What I do know a lot about is their eventual fate.  They end up in the junk shop for sale at $1 or $2 a piece depending on whether they are still in their plastic foam - lined cases.

Then I buy them. Not because I'm after my very own spoon collection but because these are going to be the leaving gifts for my staff.
I considered my budget - about $ 2 per person. ( NO I'm not being a cheapskate - we have a large team.- numerically that is ) And I came up with this marvelous plan of giving each person their very own spoon from me
First because they represent some things I like - they come from my favourite junk shop and the price is perfect.
Second each spoon is symbolic. It represents a journey that someone made to somewhere. Some of those places are familiar, some are not. Some of the spoons speak of times  and significant events. 
That's what teaching is like. It takes you both physically and figuratively to places you never thought you'd go before. Sometimes you end up in a place you never could even have imagined. There are always significant times and events as you teach that change you either for better or worse- inspire you or embitter you depending on how it pans out.  
 I plan to pass these wise thoughts along with some suitably silly ones on to my colleagues as I leave. I am sure if nothing else I will be remembered as being cheap and wierd. What better legacy can I leave ? 

 SO Here's to a week of  being cheap and weird. 


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Brussel sprouts and the strange week.

Help -can anyone tell me what's wrong with the brussell sprouts?  They are not the small  dolls cabbages I was expecting but rather they are all loose and floppy. They don't look delicious at all -I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bother eating them-they look so horrible.. I'm wondering if it is a soil problem ? and as Ive found out this winter the lack of sun to the garden has resulted in very indifferent  growth.

And because you are so interested in brussel sprouts here's another picture for you to look at.  No I get it - you are not interested and clearly there's not enough going on in my life at the moment. 
Quite the contrary -too much so- which is why I'm focusing on the minutiae. 
This week has been quite the most bizarre week. 
First there have been emails from Rosie from the grand canyon. I can't even begin to contemplate the size and scale of that place much less think that it was less than a week ago since she left. 

Second I had to show my successor through my work place and introduce her to everyone which I found very unsettling.  Later I had a very vivid dream that could only be explained by that.  But  very annoyingly it hung around in my mind for several days which unsettled me more.

Then thirdly -suddenly and inexplicably.  I have a 19 year old boarder till the end of the year. I can't quite figure out how that happened and  I'm more than  fine with the arrangement. But I have been reminded of one of the secrets to success that I've learned as a manager. Communicate,communicate ,communicate. And don't be afraid to even if it feels awkward. The capacity to misunderstand another's requests or intentions is enormous. 

so there we are. I hope it will be a BORING and PREDICTABLE week.  Lets look forward to that.

 cheers Marg

Monday, August 2, 2010

Up up and away .......

This weekend just gone in the frenzy of packing and getting all those last things done before Rosie took  flight this morning we managed to fit in a trip to Long beach -one of our favourites. 

I took my new  camera and made a startling discovery  - I can't use it unless I'm wearing my glasses otherwise I can't see the picture I've taken. Look at this dreadful shot above.That is supposed to be one seamless panoramic shot made up of 3 photos taken close to each other. Even I am surprised at my lack of skill there and annoyed that my eyes aren't what they used to be.Glasses are so annoying and I can never find mine at the best of times let alone wear them constantly!!!

That aside I'm  really pleased with the general ability of the camera to take a good crisp picture.

Later when we got home I made another bag for the USA.

This one was an old hospital blanket -lined with impossibly slippery  and sure to fray lining. But who could resist those Russian dolls peeking out at them while sitting in a not so interesting class.

I was nervous about this bag. I know that here in Dunedin you would have no trouble wearing it loudly  and proudly -but I'm not so sure it will be understood down in Southern USA.  Never mind I made it as an expression of my affection -not because it needs to be used.

It was  a muted goodbye at the airport this morning. We  sad but happy - she nervous but so excited. Good luck Rosie -missing you already!!!!   What an adventure you are going  to have.

Here's to a week of dreaming of new adventures.