Friday, January 13, 2012

Cleaning Tips ......

Here is a foolproof way to get all your cleaning done in literally no time at all. I mean literally.  So here's what you do.  You find something more interesting to do than cleaning and that way everything is done in no time and you have spent a far more interesting and satisfying day than the one  you had in mind. So today at the market I bought fresh raspberries from Waimate and came home and made fresh raspberry jam. The smell makes the whole house smell like - strangely - raspberries. A simple clean and delicious smell now covers any other odours lurking around. 

The reason for cleaning is because the hosue is supposed to be going on the market next saturday. On Tuesday I signed up with a very nice real estate agent. On  Wednesday he died from a massive heart attack. So Im not exactly sure what will hapen now however the sale of my house pales into insignificance when compared with his demise. Im taking it as one of lifes unexpected events rather than a bad omen.  
Still it reminds of how to make the most of each day and it certainly reinforces the avoidance of cleaning.

Here are some shots of the newly painted house. Im really pleased with how it has turned out.  Anyone want to buy a house complete with many happy memories of the last six years? 

Anyway here's to life of making the most of every day.


  1. wow Marg, that's a good way to look at it. I am also contemplating mortality at the moment because I'm making a skirt to wear to Trevor's Dad's funeral - no, he's not dead yet, but the doctor's have had "that talk" to the family, so we're all preparing.

  2. yes every day we should exult in the fantastically good fortune each of us enjoys through having been born. Good luck with the house Marg. Ken

  3. When I read 'cleaning tips' I couldn't think whose blog I was actually going to be looking at.The house looks amazing. We are planning on coming round, with very clean feet, for Compactum on Friday and for a goggle at the loveliness of it all. Can I come along Monday if that is still the plan?

  4. For some reason blogger hasn't let me onto this page all week. Anyhoo, I'm here now and I would like to tell you that the paint job looks fantastic. I hope it sells quickly, it's a great wee house.
    Thanks for the brillo pressies, I love both of them!