Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the best 50 cents ever ............

This last week I have had more or less a week at home - that is not travelling for work and so have had time to check out some of my favourite haunts and finish various projects that have been on the go. But first here is what I consider the best 50 cents worth of fun I've had for ages. I found this CD at where else but Wiers and have had much amusement from it. Ive already used it as a joke gift for someone who will only dance when he is very drunk and Im sure I know a few more people in that category too who would love this CD if only they knew where to get one.

Ive been working on an easter craft project. It didnt come together as perfectly as I had hoped but the end result is cute enough.  

These little birds have a flap that opens at their rear ends and inside they are stuffed with mini easter eggs. Somehow I also find that very amusing. ...   SO there we have it ... making your own fun has a way of elevating that good enough life into a terrific one. Even better because it costs only 50 cents.

Heres to a lovely easter all for less than a dollar. 

cheers Marg


  1. Oh now those are just the BEST easter chickens I've seen! They are fantastic. Did you papier mache around a water bomb balloon?
    Hooray for having time enough for craft!

  2. I too love those chickens not just for the way they lay chocolate eggs - they have a delightful home made zaniness to them.

  3. They are even cooler in real life! The kiddos are just gonna love 'em!

  4. Those chickens are awesome; each with its own personality and functional in the way of those christmas reindeer and their chocolate nuggets. Potty humour is running high around here, we've just watched that Australian movie about Kenny Smith,the portable toilet man. That C.D is gold alright. Have to look it up on Trade Me.