Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hobbies and Interests Include ... firewooding.

 Yes  it's been a while since I had anything to say ... for a great many reasons.  Glitches with technology, time and generally managing a life in what I would called "Transition"... but from what and to where...?  My anchors are loose right now. 
Even so a number of weekends of late have been spent at a work- mate's  farm in Dunback where we are  clearing a gully for the farmer in return for the firewood. The farm is set quite high up in the backhills. It is quiet, remote and beautiful. I find the physical work deeply satisfying.

 You might be a little upset that it is native wood going down - but reassured the farmer is a great conservationist and has mature stands of trees - set aside to keep- and has cleared the land of the predators so that the native birds have thrived. This gully is full of scraggly wood and it is hard to see or clear the stock.

 We take plenty of food and work as long as we can manage without overdoing it.

 At a guess I would say that fire wooding is set to become the new hobby for 2011.  It certainly is a good feeling to know that already next years wood is in.
Tonight I have the fire going - it is warm and cosy. Tomorrow I'm back on the road to live out of suitcase in yet another motel with no fire. So I'm making the most of it 

 So here's to week of pursuing all hobbies and interests.

Cheers Marg


  1. And who said you missed out on the sporting gene? What could be bettter than getting firewood, a team sport with clearly defined goals,and it's win win all the way.

  2. Hi Marg

    Nice photos and good to see you posting again.

    And the weather looks like it's been kind for the fire-wooding. Your pictures certainly capture the peacefulness you write of.



  3. I like the idea of hunting'n'gathering assuming the status of "hobbies and interests". I would have to say that I am the same, although I fear it has skipped a generation because my children hate it. When we went and picked blackcurrants for free they hated it with a passion because "it's too hot, and it smells like a mixture of fruit and toothpaste".
    Ah well each to their own.