Saturday, July 23, 2011

Objects of beauty include - woodpiles!

Is there anything more beautiful than than the sight of a wood pile. It holds the promise of cosy afternoons with a good book in front of fire - it signals more than one worry free winter - just as face cream advertisements sell youth - a firewood pile equates to comfort, warmth and always knowing there will be enough.  So while the sight of this pile might not move any of you to tears in warmer climates - In Dunedin it brings great joy indeed.
It's been a crazier than usual time. Tom turned 20 and Rosie came home for 10 days before heading back to Wellington.  We went to the Catlines for a few very cold but very relaxing days.
 It's strange to think that I no longer have any teenagers.  Probably just as well. A young whipper snapper called me Grandma at the harry potter movie the other day ! Still I was soon vindicated. Rosie sent me a text saying that her good friend Jade could hardly believe I was nearly 50 because I have such a young face.  But my age is what I am and I love every minute of it and am making the most of it.  Even if that means most weeks out on the road for work and a strange existence inbetween.

Heres to a week of keeping warm


  1. Dad would have found the beauty in that woodpile without a doubt. When we came back from Nelson, the first thing we both said was "it's so much warmer up here" - so much so for the first day we didn't bother putting the heat pumps on at all. One day later and we were back to our usual soft selves and now the house is all toasty. Still, my winter coat lies on the stand unworn. Too warm for this climate. No more woollen coats for me, but I believe jackets may come into their own soon.

  2. Loving that woodpile!! They've predicted today as the coldest day on record in wellington for a decade and the builders are at our house taking out a chunk of the exterior wall- so a fire is a glorious thought right now!
    No more teenagers, but Im sure in the last few weeks we've been more reliant on you than we were for most our teens haha maybe a little less moody? Enjoy your fire in that snow xx

  3. Hi Marg

    Piles of wood have increasing significance even as I write!

    Mine... getting smaller by the hour!

    Nice photos too, and a thoughtful post.

    So, no more teenagers eh! Sounds like you're handling this just fine!



  4. That is a deluxe wood pile of course, not just pine but manuka; not that I'm grumbling, as long as there is plenty I don't care. That 'Grandma' quip was a bit cheeky. Someone recently asked me if the man in the car (B) was my dad! Might have been more of a comment about her eyesight.

  5. Well here in Collingwood the wood pile is a comfort indeed with all the snow on the hills. Ours is the kind delivered by a guy on a truck, rather than hewn with our own roughened mid-century (ahem, ha ha!) hands, but it's beautiful none the less! Love Jen